Safe, Affordable and Easy to Install February 03, 2016 13:03

Yes, “CAMEO” fencing is safe for your horses and other livestock.

Why is it safe?

  • First, it is white in color and your animals can see it. What they can see they are less likely to run into it.
  • Second, “CAMEO” fencing is flexible. What does that mean? Think of an elastic band. After the line is installed at the correct tension there is still approximately 20% flexibility (the line will stretch). But if stretched beyond that point the line will break. Better to have a line break then your horse.
  • Third, if for some reason your horse runs into the fence they will bounce off it. I had a customer with Hanoverian stud colts break through a 2 x 6 board paddock into a pasture with “CAMEO”. The colts hit the fence bounced off and ran the other way.

And in one very icy snowy northern winter another customer had a horse slide down an icy slope from their barn into the fence. No injuries. Surprised horse, very happy owner.


I understand affordable is subjective. Consider your fencing choices as you would any of your other major purchases. What are your options? What are the benefits? What is important to you?

We may have all dreamt of the farm with wood board fences. Years ago a customer used wood board fencing out front and down her driveway. She was thrilled with the cost effectiveness and look of the “CAMEO” for her back pastures. The next season she called and gave me heck for not talking her into using “CAMEO” for all her fencing. Yes, the wood board fence needed attention. Horses had rubbed and chewed on it. It would not be long before it would need to be painted again.

Easy to Install

I have been selling farm fencing for over 30 years. “CAMEO” fencing has been sold to professional fence installers and gals with no fencing experience at all, just a love of horses. The gals with no experience have done a great job. And the fence installers are saying, “Yes! An easy installation”.

I am here to help. Love to receive your questions. It helps me to know what you need to know to make an educated decision for your fencing project.

Please ask questions!

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Fall – A great time to get to your fencing project September 08, 2015 12:37

Hope you had a safe, fun and happy Labor Day weekend? If you are like me you are wondering where the summer went? I know it happens every year but the older I get the faster time goes. OK, we get the same amount of time but heck there doesn’t seem to be enough of it. Or is that just life – The never ending to do list……….

If you have been putting off that fencing project now is a good time to move it to the top of the list. Here is why

  • The weather is cooler for starters. Easier for working outside. I’d say at least 95% of our customers install “CAMEO” fencing by themselves.
  • Hopefully you are enjoying some rain showers that make it easier to    drive your posts in the ground. Those of us that deal with clay soil really appreciate moisture in the ground. I know there are areas that can barely get a step-in post in the ground midsummer. Driving a post – whether a wood post, metal t-post or our 2″ round vinyl post is a job more easily accomplished spring or fall when there is moisture in the land.
  • With any luck by now the bugs and ticks that get us in spring and summer are on their way out…….
  • Hopefully there has been time to relax and enjoy those lazy hazy days of summer. And now you are looking at your to do list with renewed enthusiasm.
  • If you are reading this there must be need for fencing now or in the near future. Get a jump on next year and have your fences as you want them now.
  • Are you tired of maintaining old tired fences, is the new pasture ready for fence, have you just moved on to a new property. I am blessed and grateful for our customers that come back some now on to their 3rd or 4th farm.

“CAMEO” fencing is the simple fencing solution for your fence needs. We have not got around the need for fence posts but once your posts are in – running your lines of “CAMEO” and Maxi Grunt electric some say is like a walk in the park. The combination of “CAMEO” and electric allows for your post to be up to 16 ft apart. Running an electric line in combination with “CAMEO” teaches your horses and livestock to stay off the fence – Better for your horses and your fences.

If you need help figuring supplies please send your diagram by email, fax or snail mail. We are here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Fall really can be the best time of year to get your fencing project done.

Is there an easier way to building a secure end or corner post assembly for the foundation of your fence? August 13, 2015 08:00

YES!       The ViceBITE 

The ViceBITE is a handy bracket invented in Australia.  It makes the building of a corner or end post brace assembly much easier, stronger and faster.

Think of the end and corner posts as the foundation of your fence. Though using “CAMEO” or a “CAMEO” and Maxi Grunt combination does not put the amount of stress on these posts as a wire fence such as a high tensile it is good to make sure these posts are secure. The way to do that is to brace the post using a smaller diameter post as a brace. We prefer the knee brace method over the “H” brace as it eliminates the use of a diagonal brace wire. 

To connect the end or corner post with the brace post The ViceBITE bracket has teeth that bite into the end post and brace post to make the installation secure and long lasting. 

Once the bracket is in position, a quick tap at the top of the bracket will lock the teeth into the post and stop it from riding back up the post. 

There are no sharp edges making the ViceBITE safe for your horses and livestock. The double row of teeth on the front and back of the ViceBITE means the ViceBITE will not dislodge under the impact from animals or machines.

Build a strong foundation – the ViceBITE makes that easier.  Happy Fencing!!